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Brand Guidelines


We are surrounded by brands every second of the day. It is nearly impossible to go a whole day without being enticed by a brand’s identity. Whether it’s social media, billboards, TV commercials, shop signs, billboards, clothing labels, etc… We are targeted from the minute we wake up, in whatever device we switch on, or wherever we go. It’s reported that the average person in the UK is exposed to over 10,000 brands per day. Just think how many you see when you look at social media alone! This mass of brands are competing in the ever growing market place. And this makes it all the more important to consider the mark your own brand leaves. It is important that your brand appeals to and is seen by your target audience, but how do you stand out from your competitors? To achieve this, you need to spend time researching your target audience, and we can help you do this. With a deep understanding of your target audience, we can create your brand guidelines and establish a set of rules that your team can follow. This enables them to consistently use the correct logos, colour palette, typography, brand tone and brand ethos. People fall in love with brands and your brand identity will grow from constantly using the brand guidelines we create for you. Your customers will come to know exactly who is talking to them and will come to trust your brand. Brand guidelines don’t limit creativity, they provide a tool that allows all of the branding team to ensure that all elements are used correctly and help to manage perceptions of your company. They help you to communicate with your customers, suppliers, employees, investors and journalists. It is important to constantly build and reinforce the perception of your organisation. So, if you are thinking about branding or re-branding, please contact us so we can create an unmistakable brand identity for you. Task us to produce a set of guidelines on how to clearly communicate your message and brand effectively to your target audience that your whole organisation can use.

What We Do

Set a goal for your brand identity guidelines

Every business should have brand guidelines in place to maintain consistency and protect their brand. First of all we need to meet and discuss your brand so we can gain a good understanding of your needs and requirements. Perhaps you need brand guidelines to help your team understand and represent your company to the full. Or perhaps you are launching a completely new brand and you need brand guidelines to help people understand the look and feel of the new company.

Choose a format

How will you present your brand guild lines? Will it be as a PDF? Or as a brochure or placed on a website for people to access? Or maybe all of these? No problem! We can do this. Whatever format you choose, we can make sure your brand identity guidelines are easily accessible, easy to understand, and, most importantly, accurate and up-to-date.

Determine the contents of your brand guidelines

We will need to decide upon the various brand elements you want to include in your brand identity guidelines. This could perhaps include The Brand platform, Key message, voice and tone, visual identity and personas. Once the contents have been discussed and decided we can begin formatting and putting together your guidelines.

Revisions and Final Design

We will send you the Brand Guidelines file for you to look at and assess. If you have any revisions we can make any tweaks needed. Once you are happy with the final design we will send it over in your chosen format.

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