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Email Marketing


Email Marketing Means you’ll never lose touch

Email marketing is a tried and tested method for reaching out to new clients, keeping in touch with current clients and a great way to keep your brand in people’s minds. The only downside in this day and age is that everybody is already swarmed with sales emails, they’re already receiving emails from marketing lists they didn’t realise they were signing up to and the majority of emails go unopened and unread. The key to a good email marketing campaign is forever changing since they first came around. With more companies adopting this method of marketing it becomes even more challenging to get your message out through the noise. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Email marketing is still a leading method of online marketing and companies are still finding great success from their email marketing campaigns. At TMH we strive to create emails that make an impact.

What is it?

Email marketing is the use of email to develop and maintain relationships with potential customers and clients. Succesful and effective email marketing campaigns can convert one-time buyers into loyal fans for your brand and support long term growth for your company.

What the service will include

  • Professional campaign creation
  • Research into the best times to send to optimise impact
  • Quality graphic creation
  • Optimised delivery for the best reach and engagement

The benefits

  • Interact with potential customers who already have shown an interest in your business
  • Turn one-off sales into advocates for your brand
  • High open rates from people who know your business
  • Increased brand awareness

What We Do

RE: Subject

Perhaps one of the most overlooked components of a successful email campaign. 50 characters to accurately portray your message, reflect your brand and make you stand out from all of the other unread emails sitting in your targets’ inbox.

Content Creation

So, once your email has been opened it’s time to get your message across. We can either use your content, or leave it to us to create engaging relevant content with guidance from you.


Designing an e-mail is different to nearly any other form of digital design. Your email has to look just as good on large monitors as it does on a smart phone and everything in between.

Optimised Delivery

We will send your email campaign to your audience at the best possible time to maximise impact, reach and engagement.

Effective Reporting

Our team will send you a complete report so you can effectively measure the return of your investment.

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